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Christina B

I became a mother after a decade of married life and it was something I was really looking forward to. However, as soon as I delivered my baby, I started experiencing intense pangs of depression and before I knew, I was diagnosed with post-partum depression.

Initially I had thought that my symptoms would go away on their own so I did not bother getting treatment, but I was wrong. The depression started incapacitating me. There were times when I would feel so detached from my baby that he would cry for hours because of hunger and I would not budge. Gradually, I stopped breastfeeding him. My relationship with my husband went downhill but he was very patient with me. Because of his unconditional love and support, I finally decided to seek help. It was then that I came across the website of Medical Concierge Recovery and called their helpline.

That one call changed my life. The admission counselor was so compassionate and understanding. Since I had just delivered a baby, I was enrolled for an intensive outpatient program. It completely changed my outlook towards people and life in general. I realized this was the place where hope was transformed into healing. I was started on mild medications and I participated in therapy sessions. The cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helped me uncover my deep-seated issues. I was also introduced to meditation, which helped me relax. The individual and group therapy sessions helped me understand my weaknesses and strengths.

Today, I am full of life and energy. The treatment at Medical Concierge Recovery helped me foster a stronger bond with my baby and husband. I’m much happier and content with my life now, all thanks to Medical Concierge Recovery.

Roxane H

My parents introduced Medical Concierge Recovery to me. At first, I was skeptical, but then my depression and anxiety worsened. That was when I realized that I needed to take action and decided to enroll in Medical Concierge Recovery.

My first experience with Medical Concierge Recovery was with a lady, who explained the treatment process to me, over the phone. She was very kind and listened to what my problem was. That really left an impression on me because she was concerned about what happened to me. After that lady, I was closely associated with my therapist and case manager. They were attentive and invested their time in knowing how I was doing. I really appreciated that because I, myself, was actually not interested in knowing what was happening to me. But these people, forced me to look at myself, my problem areas and made me work to improve those. They lent a structure to my days, which was missing before I came to Medical Concierge Recovery.

Even my individual therapy sessions were very helpful. They allowed me to look deep inside me and my problems and realize what got me here. Once I knew my triggers, I was better-equipped to handle these. The facility was always clean and the staff warm. Even the techs at the facility were interested in how you were. As majority of them were in recovery themselves, and were now a part of the society with jobs and families, they had real good tips to share.

Treatment at Medical Concierge Recovery was worth every moment I spent there. The staff helped me get over my resistance to treatment and the roadblocks in my thought process. I have emerged as a better and more confident person who now knows what she wants from life and how to get it. Thank you so much, Medical Concierge Recovery!

Robert B

My daughter works for a small firm that helps troubled people get help in the form of treatment. When I told her about my depression and bipolar disorder, she guided me to Medical Concierge Recovery. It was the best decision I have taken in a long time.

What worked for me was group therapy. I work well in groups, and therefore, looked forward to hearing what others experienced in similar situations. A lot of times, hearing other people, put things in perspective and made me realize the mistakes I was making. I loved the way, we dissected each situation and took the best from it to use it individually.

My therapist helped break the barriers in my thought process. They helped me change the way I thought, which made me see the problems immediately and deal with them for what they were. Within six weeks, I was a transformed person.

Now that I have the life skills to handle my situation and have unburdened myself completely, I cannot wait to go back to the real world and live life to the fullest. I no longer need to hide in my house and am prepared to deal with what life has to offer!