What is Masked Anxiety

Some people talk about their fears and anxiety openly and can discuss them frankly with others, but many people are reluctant to share their mental health details, just because they don’t talk about it and are not comfortable discussing it with anyone. There are many signs that someone may have underlying fears and anxiety. This is called Masked Anxiety. Knowing someone nearby is experiencing this situation can help you understand how it works and can even motivate them to communicate in the healthier way.

People with anxiety or any mental health issue fear from getting judged by others. Therefore they try to mask their anxiety in the first place. It is important to notice the signs of masked anxiety and help them to deal with it or come out it effectively. Anxiety is a normal emotion that warn us any unknown situation or unhealthy circumstances. But if the same feeling of fear and anxiety continue more than a threshold point of time leads to mental health issues.

Signs To Identify For Masked Anxiety

  1. They over react to small failure.
  2. They step aside from taking risk to avoid embarrassment, loss, anger and sadness.
  3. If you notice your loved ones remaining distracted all the time and have tough time remembering recent conversations. Then apparently they are masking anxiety
  4. People suffering from Anxiety often fall sick and have a weak immune system.
  5. When someone underlay their anxiety they hold others at very high standard.
  6. Once body language can also potray hidden anxiety such as restless movement of hands, tapping feet, folding arms around one’s body, or wrapping or crossing legs around one another multiple times.
  7. If you observe your loved ones usually late at work or any regular occasion then they might be suffering from depression and anxiety.
  8. They always organize things in a particular format or order. If that order is disrupted they feel anguished.
  9. They always remain isolated, they avoid social gathering and reluctant to make friends.
  • They usually suffer from stomach upset.
  • They are quite fiddly about making a firm decision.
  • They shed tears unexpectedly.
  • They experience difficulty in sleeping.
  • Negative thoughts and emotions becomes persistent. This can also trigger physical pain.
  • They become nervous at very ordinary situation such as picking up phone.


Fear or anxiety can also have many advantages. Anyone who is worried will always be reluctant to own one, but they can also strive to become better in many ways. The person full of anxiety will become the most powerful, emotionally generous, intelligent, creative, most , interesting enthusiastic and wise person you encounter. First, you need to know that fear is not failure, disease, weakness or lack of confidence. This is just a part of human beings, sometimes beautiful, sometimes chaotic, and sometimes ridiculous. We all struggle with things. In the end, it is these that make us brave, wise, strong, and compassionate. That’s how it works. Fear is fearless. It’s ok to understand  when anxiety may be the driving force behind behavior can help protect feelings of being troubled, confused, or isolated from troubles. But it is well said everything has got its own limitations so as the anxiety. When it’s crosses a overwhelming threshold it’s needs to be treated.

Speaking to an expert and undergoing psychotherapy can help.

If you or your loved one is battling a mental health disorder, contact Medical Concierge. Call our 24/7 helpline number 877-636-0042 to gain access to details of mental health treatment centers in California. You can even chat online with one of our trained representatives to know more about residential mental health facilities in California.

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