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Mental health benefits of pet therapy

Pet therapy entails a guided interaction between a trained animal and an individual. The purpose of this type of therapy is to aid the patient while they are recovering from or coping with a major health problem or a mental health disorder. Another term for this form of therapy is animal-assisted therapy (AAT). The most […]

How to Get Help for Severe Social Anxiety

Many of us have experienced the awful dread that accompanies those occasions when we are exposed to the scrutiny of others. Whether it is delivering a speech or presentation, trying out for a part in a play, or showing our artwork to peers, the fear of being criticized, or worse, publicly humiliated, can be overwhelming. […]

Signs of Crippling Anxiety and How to Manage It

Worry and fear are usually a normal human response to everyday stressors we all experience in daily life. But when the fear response to a perceived danger or stressful event becomes all-consuming and is clearly out of proportion to the actual event, it is a sign that an anxiety disorder may be to blame. When […]

What to Do When Feeling Lost and Depressed

Unless you have experienced the sense of desolation that comes with major depressive disorder it is difficult to describe. Feeling lost and depressed for days, weeks, or months on end can have devastating effects on a person’s life. Depression isn’t something that can be willed away with pep talks or daily affirmations. Its roots are […]