Christina B

I became a mother after a decade of married life and it was something I was really looking forward to. However, as soon as I delivered my baby, I started experiencing intense pangs of depression and before I knew, I was diagnosed with post-partum depression.

Initially I had thought that my symptoms would go away on their own so I did not bother getting treatment, but I was wrong. The depression started incapacitating me. There were times when I would feel so detached from my baby that he would cry for hours because of hunger and I would not budge. Gradually, I stopped breastfeeding him. My relationship with my husband went downhill but he was very patient with me. Because of his unconditional love and support, I finally decided to seek help. It was then that I came across the website of MCHealth and called their helpline.

That one call changed my life. The admission counselor was so compassionate and understanding. Since I had just delivered a baby, I was enrolled for an intensive outpatient program. It completely changed my outlook towards people and life in general. I realized this was the place where hope was transformed into healing. I was started on mild medications and I participated in therapy sessions. The cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helped me uncover my deep-seated issues. I was also introduced to meditation, which helped me relax. The individual and group therapy sessions helped me understand my weaknesses and strengths.

Today, I am full of life and energy. The treatment at MCHealth helped me foster a stronger bond with my baby and husband. I’m much happier and content with my life now, all thanks to MCHealth.