Mental health resolutions for New Year

People often make New Year’s resolutions like losing weight, quitting smoking, getting organized and so on. However, rarely does one think of making a New Year’s resolution to keep their mental health intact. Mental well-being is central to everything we do in our lives, from maintaining our relationships, performing at work, having a social life to working towards financial stability. Therefore, this year, let us pledge to take good care of our mental health. Listed below are some of the resolutions that we can take to look after our mental health:

  • Quitting dieting – Millions of people across the globe set unrealistic targets for their bodies and start with restrictive diets at the beginning of every year. They stay strict with themselves and this starts affecting their mental health. Failing to follow the diet depresses them because of which they stop attending social gatherings, avoid intimate relationships, skip workout sessions, etc. for fear of being stigmatized. Therefore, this year, start the New Year with more appreciation and acceptance for one’s body. One must aim to eat healthy and make positive lifestyle changes rather than to diet.
  • Taking nutritious diet – The mental health of a person is strongly related to their gut health. It is thus, very important to eat a diet full of green leafy vegetables and fruits. One must try to eat lots of fiber, protein, good fats and low carbs. One should talk to their doctor about vitamin and mineral supplements. A nutritious and well-balanced diet helps keep depression and other mental health problems at bay and may even help in preventing slow cognitive decline.
  • Joining support groups – Social isolation is toxic to one’s mental health. One can avoid this by joining several positive support or activity groups like a sports group, health and fitness groups, or a hobby group. Gatherings like these offer a platform for meeting and interacting with new people which is conducive to one’s mental well-being.
  • Physical activity Several studies have successfully established an association between physical well-being and mental health. Therefore, one should aim to incorporate a few minutes of workout in their everyday routine. This can be brisk walking, swimming, walking the dog, playing tennis, etc. It is important to identify an exercise that one loves and then adhere to the schedule. Exercise should be done with the goal of keeping the mind fit rather than to improve appearance.
  • Detaching from screens – Once in a while, one should also aim to decrease their screen time. This is because excessive screen time is associated with poor sleep quality and depressive symptoms. Constant exposure to social media channels might lead to low self-esteem. Thus, one must take a hiatus from social media once in a while and focus on harboring real-time connections.
  • Trying to relax – In this fast paced life, it is difficult to find the time to keep one’s mind and body relaxed. This can be achieved by practicing yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Meditation, even if done for five minutes, can help one feel mentally invigorated. One can also relax by pampering themselves by visiting a salon, getting a massage, learning a new skill, attending a concert, etc.

Seeking help for mental health

Oftentimes, people don’t think twice before visiting a physician for their physical ailments, however, when it comes to their mental health, they shy away from seeking help. This only exacerbates the problems, making the disorder difficult to treat and increasing the risk of developing co-occurring disorders. One should, therefore, seek professional help as soon as possible if they feel that their problem is chronic and serious.

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