Rise Not Fall from Cloud Nine, Effective Tips Follow

Being “just married” is an out-of-the-world feeling. This is the time when you feel like floating on cloud nine, thanks to the honeymoon period that follows the nuptial bond. The intimacy, joy and sense of being carefree you enjoy with your partner during this period deport you to a world of dreams.

But, the problem is sooner or later this trip to wonderland would over, leaving you craving for more.  You are now back to the world where your hectic schedules, everyday’s stress, responsibilities, negotiations, and life in general await you. This fall from cloud nine is a nightmare for every newlywed couple. Though you can’t avoid this fall from cloud nine you can make it smoother with effective coping strategies.

Listed here are a few:

Effective Communication is a Key to a Happy Marriage. 

Communication is like a lubricant that doesn’t allow friction to develop in relationships. Not speaking to each other creates differences and distances. Therefore, it is important for couples to talk to each other, especially when they are not feeling like doing it. If you don’t express yourself, there are chances of experiencing disconnection. Remember, disconnection is a parasite that doesn’t let a relationship to grow.

Even expert believe that the way intimate partners communicate is integral to how they feel about their relationship. They suggest that communication between partners, especially between the new weds, may ensure better and long term relationship satisfaction.

Being Friends is a Great Fun…Try This  

When life partners stay like friends, they develop an inherent trust that keeps them together even in unfavorable times. It allows them to get familiar with their issues and solve them amicably.

A relationship is like two overlapping circles where “we” is the overlapping space on the inside and the “you” and “me” are on the outside. When partners feel like friends they’ll focus on the “we”, something which emphasizes on the need for togetherness, thereby leading to less conflicts and more fun.

Be Sure About Your Expectations and Respective Roles 

Differences in married life are an outcome of failed expectations. So, before you break each other’s noses, it’s important you are sure of your roles in the bond of marriage. Set realistic expectations and don’t expect what your partner may not be able to deliver. Once you are on the same page about your respective roles, there’s little room left for misunderstandings. Remember, assumptions may backfire down the line if you haven’t talked about who does what, kids, religion/spirituality, finances, chores, etc.

Honeymoon phase is not just about PLEASURE. It is also the time when you need to put your best face forward and develop foundation for a lived-happily-ever- after kind of relationship. It may spoil a few things for the moment but set things up for a happy married life thereafter.

Don’t Shy Away from Seeking Help

It’s normal to feel bad about falling from the cloud nine because it happens with almost everybody. It can be easily managed with a little maturity and respecting your partner’s individuality. However, some couples may find it difficult to deal with this sudden shift from cloud nine to the real world. Before it makes a marriage go downhill, it is advisable to seek marital counseling and save a relationship.

At Medical Concierge, we understand how inseparable you two are. We have therefore redefined our mental health treatment programs to suit your needs and help you overcome your problems. Call our 24/7 helpline number 877-636-0042 to contact an admission counselor and seek help before it’s too late.

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