Robert B

My daughter works for a small firm that helps troubled people get help in the form of treatment. When I told her about my depression and bipolar disorder, she guided me to MCHealth. It was the best decision I have taken in a long time.

What worked for me was group therapy. I work well in groups, and therefore, looked forward to hearing what others experienced in similar situations. A lot of times, hearing other people, put things in perspective and made me realize the mistakes I was making. I loved the way, we dissected each situation and took the best from it to use it individually.

My therapist helped break the barriers in my thought process. They helped me change the way I thought, which made me see the problems immediately and deal with them for what they were. Within six weeks, I was a transformed person.

Now that I have the life skills to handle my situation and have unburdened myself completely, I cannot wait to go back to the real world and live life to the fullest. I no longer need to hide in my house and am prepared to deal with what life has to offer!